Kesughu Subjects


sKesughu Subjects are people who were born and raised in any of the Quarters of the Kesughu Fondom. Also, all settlers who own landed property in Kesughu, all spouses of subjects of Kesughu, all Fulanis and Hausas born and raised in Kesughu are considered Kusghu subjects. All Kesughu subjects are answerable to the Fon and Nahtum of Kesughu and most adhere to the constitution of KECUDA, the Rules and Regulations of KTC, the rules of Ndughu Kwifey and the laws enacted by the Ndughu-inii of Kesughu. All Kesughu subjects are expected to respect, honor and revere the secret and sacred institutions and societies of Kesughu. All Kesughu subjects are expected to contribute to the development of Kesughu and the education of Kesughu children. All Kesughu subjects must contribute towards empowering, protecting and educating the Kesughu woman. All Kesughu subjects shall ensure the safety, security and wellbeing of other Kesughu subjects. No Kesughu subject shall discriminate, propagate hate speech and intentionally cause harm to any Kesughu subject. All Kesughu subject must abide by the laws of the Republic.