Kesughu Portal is the main virtual door through which you can access Kesughu Fondom. Kesughu (Kesu) is one of the great fourteen Fondoms that make up the Aghem – Wum Federation in the Wum Central Subdivision in Menchum, North West Region of Cameroon. Per the most recent census, Kesughu is inhabited by over fifty thousand inhabitants. It is the most populated cosmopolitan Fondom in Menchum Division. It plays host to three distinct tribes, the Aghems, the Fulanis/Hausas and a multitude of settlers from different parts of Cameroon and Nigeria. It is one of the four most important Fondoms in Aghem – Wum; the other three being Waindughu, Zonghofu and Tselaghia. These four are the custodians of the most significant “ushoh” in the Aghem clan. The Fondom has a highly centralized administrative system with the Fon and the Nahtum at the apex. The Fon is the supreme political leader with Divine Spiritual powers over the people and the entire Fondom. The fondom shares boundaries to the North with Zonghufu, South with Bafut Subdivision, East with Naikom and West with Bafmen. It is ruled by the Ewombong Royal family. It’s a second Class Fondom and the only village in Aghem with a Traditional Council. Kesughu Fondom has seven subchiefdoms. Under the Subchiefdoms are Quarters headed by quarter heads. Kesughu has Twenty-five Quarters.

The Kesughu Fondom

HRM Raymond Kangnsen BUHMBI is the current Fon of Kesughu Village in Aghem. Kesughu is the largest Fondom in Aghem. This mighty village is ruled by the Ewombong Royal family. He was enthroned in 1988. Aghem is located in Wum Central subdivision of the NorthWest Region of Cameroon. He currently resides in the Washington DC Metro Area in the United States

News and Events

Deeds and Misdeeds in Kesughu Fondom

The people of the Kesughu Fondom will be rallying in […]
A conclave of the KECUDA chapter executives is schedule to […]


Current & Future Projects

The Fondom of Kesughu has earmarked projects that will be carried out as soon as the resources become available. Among the projects is the construction of the Kesughu Multipurpose Hall. Other future projects are listed below.

multipurpose hall

The people of Kesughu Fondom are in a process of constructing  a Multipurpose Hall.


The Electrification of some streets in Kesughu Fondom was discussed during a meeting held by KECUDA

Healthcare center

Another major future project highlighted by KECUDA will be the construction of a healthcare center in Kesughu

rehabilitaion of roads

The rehabilitation of the roads in Kesughu is needed. The future plans are  to work with local administration on road infrastructure